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Story of Småland

Sara is a giant heart-shaped creature with soft red fur that live in a kingdom called Småland. It is a magical forest so well hidden that none can find it unless they have been invited by Sara.
The forest is filled with giant berries so big you can hardly hold it in one hand.
Spider webs strong enough to climb on.
And clogs so huge you can hide inside!
Sara has been taking care of the forest and its strange creatures for more than 1,000 years. She kept it a secret from humans all this time.
And been enjoying the clean air and wind in the big trees, swimming in the clear lakes and having lots of fun in the giant berry pools she built herself.
When the big trees in Småland grow so old that they die and fall to the ground.
Sara will use them build houses or cook it into their favourite hot paper porridge. Sometimes she dries it into tasty paper which she keeps and eats later when she is hungry.
To thank the forest for the food, she also plants a tree for every tree that she cooks. And when she has eaten and is so full of paper, she poos where she has planted the new tree so it can grow faster.
Sara loves her paper porridge and dried paper, and if you look carefully, sometimes you can see that she has been around and nibbled here and there!

After 1,000 years of living by herself, now Sara wants to invite every child in world to join her and be citizen of Småland. So even though you don't eat paper and not heart-shaped, if you are between 4 and 12 years old, you still can become a Smålish.

Come start the adventure and discover the fun of Småland today!

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