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Language: B. Malaysia

How to Earn Smålish dållars

Here's the way on how to earn Smålish dållars. It's very easy! Start earning now!


Scan your passport & earn Smålish dållars
You can also earn Smålish dållars by scanning your Smålish passport at the shroom whenever you visit IKEA store(s) with you parents.


Bring newspaper to feed Sara's
growing tummy.
Every 1kg recycled = 1 green credit

For every 1kg of newspaper you bring back, you get to earn green credits.

For example, 15kg of newspapers will earn you 15 green credits.

Redeem your green credits for Smålish dållars.
3 green credits = $0.50 Smålish dållars

For example, redeem 6 green credits and you will get $1 Smålish dållars.

Your green credits will expire on 31 Dec two years from the date you've recycled, or at the end of your 12th birthday month. Whichever is earlier. So remember to convert your green credits to Smålish dållars before that!

Click here for more FAQs about your green credits.


Earn Smålish dållars during småles events
and activities!
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