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If you have questions about being a småle, or things you want to share with other småles, just send it over! We are always happy to receive stuff from you! Post it by mail to småles, Or you can drop us a note here:
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All you ever wanted to know about being a smålish citizen:
Background of Smaland
Who is Sara?
When will I be able to visit the Bug house and Småland?
What is the responsibility of a småle?
Does Sara live in the Småland playroom at the IKEA store?
Membership terms and conditions
Why do you need to collect my personal data?
How do I access/edit my personal data under the småles programme?
How do I cancel my membership or withdraw my personal data if I do not agree with the Personal Data Privacy Notice?
What happens when the passport is lost or full?
Why do we need age verification documents for registration?
Membership expiry
What happens after I turn 13 years old?
Why can't I be a Smålish citizen after I turn 13 years old?
Member benefits
Can my parents or another person use my passport to scan at the småles shroom?
What can I do with my Smålish dållars and sänts?
What happens when my visit credits have reached the maximum of 10 Smålish dållars?
Do my dållars expire?
How can I earn more Smålish dållars?
What can I do with my green credits?
Do my green credits expire?
How do I make a redemption?
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Being a småle is so much fun!

småles enjoy many benefits at the IKEA store.
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